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Mobile gaming has evolved at a much greater rate than it used to before. It has been growing at a notably greater scale than any technology that emerged before it. Android games seem to hit new heights every now and then. With the launch of Android Pie and Vulkan API on Android, it only stands to get better and greater over the era. It wouldn’t be long before we see even more advanced games than what we have now!

10 Good Games that are available to play on Mobiles right now :

Without gossiping any further let’s talk about 10 great games available on mobile phones right now! Some of the games are free and some games cost a few bucks. But they all provide an excellent game-play and astonishing user experience.

Riptide GP: Renegade :


It is one of those games, which doesn’t seem possible to work on mobile phones, because it has such breath-taking graphics, which just doesn’t seem possible on mobile phones. Apart from the graphics, here’s what else the game delivers.

Career mode :

There are a variety of races and boss fights to win. You can earn cash and experience to upgrade and customize your hydro jet, increase your rider’s performance, unlock new stunts etc.

Online Multiplayer :

This game features an online multiplayer where you can compete with 8 players from around the world.

Split-screen Multiplayer :

You can play with one and up to 4 local players on a single mobile phone. But you’ll need additional game-pads or controllers for that.

You can buy the game on Playstore or iOS for $3.

Shadow Gun: Deadzone :


It is an online multiplayer third-person-shooter game made by Madfinger games in 2012. It is even relevant in 2018 because the developers keep making new content and continue giving support.

Shadow Gun: Deadzone is a no-frills online shooter. It has no story mode, to begin with, no training mode also no local multiplayer. You just join the game, choose between two game modes. One of which is Zone control, where you have to capture the flag and control it. The other mode is Free for all deathmatch, where you have to get the most kills to win the game.

You can play the game for free on both iOS and Android.

Plague, Inc :


Plague, Inc is a game, where your aim is to develop a disease and spread it throughout the world and kill everyone before humanity develops a cure for the disease.

You have a variation of tools. Ability to add symptoms. Add airborne and resistances. Each of these can be built up in trees that connect together. Executing your disease stronger. And, as your disease grows, you get DNA points that you can use to unlock more abilities. The game is really exciting, especially when the disease becomes strong enough to grow on its own and you race opposite to the progress of a cure.

You can buy the game for $0.99 on iOS, the same goes for android. But theirs a free version on android you can try.

Vainglory :


If you like MOBA games on PC or in general. This game is the way to go if you wanna play one of the best MOBA games on mobile. You should definitely check out Vainglory if you’re into PvP multiplayer battle arena games. You can play quick matches or lengthy matches of 5v5, which depends on how much time you are willing to spare. There are over 30 heroes to choose from.

The game comes at a really low price of free. So its worth checking out.

FIFA Soccer :


Fifa soccer is one of the latest mobile sports game developed by Electronic Arts (EA). The FIFA soccer gameplay is a lot of fun, delivering all the kicks, thrills, and excitement of the world’s biggest sport to the mobile platform. There’s the fluidity to the gameplay that produces some pleasant soccer, furthermore that paired with the conventional licenses, excellent visuals, also the slew of styles makes for an experience very few other games can match.

You can get the game for free on both iOS and Android.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition :


Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a great port of the Minecraft experience on a mobile phone. It is the most popular sandbox game which was released in 2009. You can build anything in the game using your own imagination where you are given a virtual land for exploration. The blocks are vivid, sharp, and exceptional thanks to simplistic and elegant textures. Which is what makes them great for creativity. The survival mode of Minecraft is challenging. Where you have to collect every block from scratch to build something, and its rewarding in the end, in a manner, that you have the satisfaction and you feel ownership all over it. There’s even a multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends and double the creativity!

It costs about $7 USD on both the iOS and Android version.

Fortnite :

fortnite-hero – edited

The most popular game on all the other platforms, fortnite, just got a port for mobile phones. Fortnite is a unique battle royale game where you have to fight the 99 other players in the multiplayer game and be the last man standing to win the game. This Battle Royale has the same concept as other battle-royales but it delivers a unique play style where you can build structures too. The game gets regular updates and it’s currently in beta for Android.

The game is free on both iOS and Android. But for Android, you have to join the Beta program by clicking here.

Clash of Clans :


Clash of Clans, a strategic mobile video game developed by Supercell. It is a multiplayer game with millions of players where you can build your own village, raise an online clan with your friends and compete with other players or play intense clan wars. It’s a fun game where you have to work hard as a team, build your town and raise your soldiers. It’s a great combination of slow preparation and smart chaotic fights.

You can get the game for free on both Android and iOS.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds :


Player Unknown’s Battleground, the game which introduced the Battle Royale genre to video games, is now finally on mobiles too. Unlike the PC version of Player Player Unknown’s Battleground which is developed by Bluehole, the mobile version is developed by Tencent developer. I don’t like the PC version mainly because of the developers, there are so many bugs, glitches, and hackers in PC version due to the lazy developers, they take so much time to fix a simple bug. The mobile developer, Tencent, is the complete opposite. They take community feedback and they are continuously adding more and more features over time. That’s the thing I like on PUBG mobile. Other than that the gameplay is really fluid and astonishing. PUBG mobile also features a powerful anti-cheat environment and also the game features realism for people who are into a more realistic gameplay.

Player Unknown’s Battleground Mobile is available on both iOS and Android for free.

There we have it, my 10 good games list for Mobile phones.

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