Closer Look at XPG Spectrix D40:

So this is what the ADATA XPG Spectrix D40 looks like up close. We have the armor-inspired Red/Black heatsink. There’s an XPG logo in the center of the RAMs. The PCB being used is in the industry standard black color. We all can agree the green PCBs always looked ugly on RAMs.

The kit information can be found on the sticker, glued to one side of the ram. The exact model number of our kit is AX4U32008G16-DRS. That the number you’ll find in the motherboard QVL. This, once again is a DDR4 memory, running at 3200MHz at 16-18-18 timings at a DRAM voltage of 1.35. For some reason, we have 8Gx8 written on the sticker, but that’s not the case since it’s a kit of 8GB x2. Maybe it means something else and not the capacity. Also, if you remove the sticker, you void the warranty, so make sure it remains there.

This is what the top of the RAMs look like, the only part that glows in RGB. It actually had a plastic film on it that I removed prior to taking the photos. You can actually check that in the process in the video below.

We also have an XPG logo on the top in Red color. This is also the visible side of the RAM in a tower chassis so the placement makes sense

Here’s some more photo’s I took of the RAM.