RGB LED Effects & Software:

Here’s a video that covers the RGB LED effects of the RAM and the so XPG RGB Sync Beta software. I most of the chassis, you can apply different colors to individual LED on the DRAM. Each DRAM sports 5 LEDs so that’s up to 10 individually control-able spots. However, you cannot apply different effects on the LEDs.

The music effect wasn’t covered in this video as I had to sync the video with a soundtrack and had to make it look good at the same time. Which was too much trouble. So if you’re wondering what does the music effect looks like. Well it’s more like a basic equalizer where all the LEDs are turned on, but imitates a beat by decreasing and increasing the brightness on certain LEDs. The different profiles in the Music tab are for different LED colors. However, you cannot create your own preset from the XPG RGB Sync beta software. Maybe we’ll see a better music effects once the full version is released.