Age of Wonders III is now free to grab on Steam for a limited period of time. However, for those who did not get the chance to grab this game on Humble Store Spring Sale, can now claim this game for free but this time on Steam.

Age of Wonders III is a 4X strategy video game which is developed by Triumph Studios. It is the fourth and latest addition in the Age of Wonders series. The game is set in an Epic Nature fictional setting in which players explore the world and interact with other races and kingdoms. A couple of months ago, Humble Bundle gave away this game for free, and a lot of people didn’t get the chance to grab this game. But you can claim it now on Steam, and it will be free until July 16, 2019. Moreover, claiming the Age of Wonders III will get you ten percent off on the pre-purchase price of Age of Wonders Planetfall which is coming on August 6, 2019. 

However, you have four days to claim this game for free and get ten percent off on Age of Wonders Planetfall. Moreover, Click here, if you want to get your free copy. 

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