The Antec Neo Eco 550M seems like a decent PSU. The voltages on the rails aren’t far off then what they should be at, and stays under the ATX 2.4 tolerance limits. Also, the 120mm DDB fan doesn’t make much noise at low load. However, that should change when there’s more load on the PSU, which we couldn’t put on it due to the absence of a GPU.
Also, the rated as a continuous power PSU, it should be able to deliver up to 550 watts of continuous DCpower to the system. However the input from wall would be around 650-670 watts at that stage because the PSU is 80+ Bronze rated. And the efficiency varies from load to load, but it should drop below 81%. So in a bigger picture, if want to save some more electricity, a PSU with better 80+ rating would be a better option. But that doesn’t mean the Neo Eco 550M isn’t up to other tasks. The +12V rail on the Neo Eco 550 delivers 45A which is more than capable of handling a system with single high-end GPU. As our GPUs are advancing into the technological race, their TDP is also starting to drop as they’re becoming more and more power efficient. This equates to lower wattage power supplies being more capable of handling high-end components. The GTX 1080Ti shouldn’t reach more than 350watts in a gaming session, and other components in your system most likely won’t be able to pull more than 150 watts at best. So this makes the Antec Neo Eco at the core of your gaming system a good option.

But how is the pricing? The Antec Neo Eco 550M is available in the international market for a price tag of $53.40 which seems like a very competitive price as other PSUs with same wattage and certification are also found around this budget. As for the local market goes, the PSU is available for about 7099PKR at Pakdukaan and competitively speaking, this seems like a good price as you can either get a non-modular 600Watt 80+ White PSU for a little more, or you can get yourself a none-80+ rated non-modular 650Watt PSU for a little less. So it’s doing good in the price area.

So let’s conclude the review now. The Antec Neo Eco 550M seems like a really good option for the price, with its additional benefits of semi-modular design and a stable voltage flow. So in the end, I would like to give the Antec Neo Eco 550M our Editor’s Choice Award.

PGR-editor-choiceA huge shout-out goes to Pakdukaan for arranging the sample for us to review. You can buy the Antec Neo Eco PSU or other Antec products directly from Antec’s official distributor, Pakdukaan, at a very competitive price.