Recently, we took a look at the ASUS ROG Claymore mechanical keyboard. And today on the test bench we have a GTX 1050 GPU from the same company, just not the ROG branch. The product in question is the ASUS GTX 1050 Dual OC (DUAL-GTX1050-O2G-V2).

ASUS has about 11 variants available of the GTX 1050 CPU, and the one we are going to test today features a base clock speed of 1404MHz and 1518Mhz boost. As for memory, it’s equipped with 2GB of GDDDR5 memory running at 7008 MHz at 128-bit interface. The Dual line of ASUS GPUs features 2x fans with 9 blades and a black and white shroud. The GTX 1050 GPUs from the DUAL series don’t require any external power source like a 6pin power connect. The motherboard can provide it enough juice to operate.

The GTX 1050 in general features the Nvidia’s latest Pascal GPU architecture and sports 640 CUDA cores. It supports technologies like 3D Vision, PhysX, Nvidia G-Sync, ShadowWorks, Cuda, and Ansel. So without any further ado, let’s dive right into the unboxing of the GPU on next page.