The package of ASUS ROG Gladius II is one I would trust exclusively. I know what gaming mice are and to be honest, Gladius II ticked most if not all performance boxes in my eyes.

The mouse is well thought out and cleverly designed with an ergonomic shape which makes it great for both palm and claw grips. I would also mention the weight of the mouse which is perfect for me, on the other hand Omron switches included in the package are a nice something extra in the deal.

The Gladius II no doubt offers one of the best lighting features out there in the market. I would go as far as to say that in some ways the RGB lighting has positioned Gladius II on a leading front in terms of class and exclusiveness. Moreover the under glow feature is just amazingly stunning. (Yes, I love it that much).

Gladius II


Not to forget that Gladius II faces a tough competition against Razer Death Adder Elite. The one front where Razer is taking the lead is its software, Razer Synapse. Not to dismiss the effectiveness of ROG Armoury which is still a decent piece of software, however I feel Razer Synapse is a bit more advanced and supports higher levels of options.

So at the end I would like to stress that at this price Gladius II by ASUS and ROG is one of the most ideal deals out there, just coming short of its competitor only in the software department but outperforming in the lighting game.

You can buy this at Amazon for $77.30 & Ease Tec for 7400 PKR for Pakistani users. Its a premium price  for premium product. With this hefty price tag, You might be able to get gaming mouse from among other gaming mice out there. But do they come with great performance, Build quality & Amazing light effects?.  Its your choice to get the best mouse you like for gaming.

So overall I would recommend Gladius II as a must have if you are into great lighting features or the ability to sync it with all of your other ASUS and ROG devices through Aura Sync.