AVerMedia Live Gamer EXTREME 2 Unboxing:

AVerMedia Live Gamer EXTREME 2 Closer Look

Now that you’ve gotten a grasp of what the box offers and is capable of, let’s have a better view at the AVerMedia GC551 with some close-up photos.

As demonstrated in the picture, it features a rectangular design with a very aggressive top that has a red frame. The frame is detachable so that you can replace the paper cover underneath with your own designs. It’s done by removing the thumb screw at the back. And also, all the I/O ports are present at the back.

At the front, we also have the AVerMedia logo present on the right side. This goes very well with the black matte body of the GC551.

And the blue/purple-ish thing on the top is actually an LED indicator for stats like connected, recording etc.

The sides of the box have somewhat of a geometric design and it also has some glossy strips. From an aesthetic point of view, this looks attractive.

And at the back, we have the USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 2 port and one HDMI in and HDMI out port. All of them have their markings above them. And right in the center, we have the thumbscrew with AVerMedia logo on it. It has a mirrored finish on it so a proper picture of this was a tough task.

Once you’ve removed the thumb screw from the back, this is what the Live Gamer EXTREME 2 looks like without the top cover.

And at the bottom, we have 4 feet in the corners along with an information sticker in the middle. Whereas you might have to leave some of the other game capture boxes dangling in the air, AVerMedia wants the Live Gamer EXTREME 2 to be a part of your desk. So there proper weight and cable length and balance present on this game capture box.

And that is all the accessories we get with the AVerMedia Live Gamer EXTREME 2. So we have a paper telling us to register the product for a 1-year warranty extension, a paper with some foreign language on it, then the quick guide. The GC551 also comes with a PowerDirector 15 Product key card for all your video editing needs. And then we have 1x USB Type-A to Type-C cable, 1x HDMI cable and 1x screw.

The secret code for the giveaway is: PGRxAVerMedia