Pak Gamers Republic Award Guide

Pak Gamers Republic Award Guide

At PakGamers's our team has decided to give awards to the products that are reviewed by us. We feel like its mandatory to give a verdict in the form of an award to the product, it gives out more knowledge about the opinion of the reviewer and also the core judgment criteria of the product by the reviewer.

Descriptions of our awards can be seen below:

Bang for the buck, as it states: This award goes to those products that provide extreme price to performance advantage. We made this award, especially for our budget oriented readers.

A Recommended product is just something we're happy to recommend for purchase for most people. These products will be greater in value in terms of price tags than most of their competitors while still offering features without any major drawbacks.

This award is for the product that is affordable, reliable and mandatory to have. "Even if you can't get it, you must have it somehow."

The products that are personally used and reviewed by the editors of PakGamers Republic are given the award of Editor's Choice.

The products that provide new, exceptional and not just gimmicky ideas built into it is awarded as 'Innovative' by the reviewers.

 An "award" that we hope we won't need to use very often. As it sounds 'Avoid' the award avoid is given to those products that are not feasible at all and is designed in a way that it must be avoided at all costs.

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