Rocksteady Studios

It’s been over four years since Batman: Arkham Knight came out, but there is no news of any game from Rocksteady this year. Rocksteady Studios confirmed that there are not showing their new game at E3 2019.

Moreover, co-founder and director of Rocksteady studios tweeted on June 4, 2019, “remaining in London, hard at work on (their) next project.” The full tweet was, “Hi all! A number of you have asked so we wanted to let you all know up front that @Rocksteadygames won’t be showing at E3 this year. We’ll be watching as fans but remaining in London, hard at work on our next big project. Enjoy the show!”

This tweet shows that Rocksteady is putting their effort on their new project, and it might be a line service game. Let’s see if we get more details about this new project that Rocksteady studios are working on.

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