Who doesn’t look up to samurais in reverential awe? And when you have a mesmerizing and vast landscape of feudal Japan laid out in front of you, it becomes your duty to venture its every corner! Well, that is the beauty of open world games. And Ghost of Tsushima is one such open world action-adventure video game for Sony PlayStation 4 developed by painstaking efforts of Sucker Punch Productions after their major work “Infamous”.

Now, as the title suggests it may seem like a gargantuan title has been rested upon the shoulders of Ghost of Tsushima. Well, there are few reasons for backing up the strong anticipation for this game by the gamers around the globe as well as the developers.


First of all, if anything, this game is doing justice to the concept of the open world game. Open world games are meant to provide a maximum amount of freedom to the player to explore the game and uncover and complete the respective quests and objectives as the game proceeds. It is safe to assume that this game will have the highest degree of freedom for the enthusiastic player looking to explore the island. This is in coherence with the modern concept of games where the emphasis is on giving authority to the player rather than forcing the player to follow the game. Sucker Puch is trying to bring that concept into max potential by removing the “waypoints” in the game. The player can explore wherever he wants whatever he wants. Hopefully, this will add to the game in a positive manner.

The open world game with samurai as the main protagonist is a new and fresh title, we’ve already seen urban, fantasy, medieval, post-apocalyptic and many of the similar sorts of open world games but as the director for this game stated “How come no one has come up with such a great idea before?”. No wonder this game is attracting a fair amount of attention due to that. A rather simple and straight answer after the spicing and mixing up of numerous ideas.


They went all out with revelation of a large proportion of their efforts and display of skills as developers in the game trailer, especially in E3. The Nvidia game works graphics applied in the game already look better than the previous games as it is apparent from detailed and intricate turf effects and landscapes bringing out the essence of a Japanese medieval island to the fullest. The fast gameplay and the sword combat almost reminds us of Shadow of War with a further addition of stealth and a set of weapons a samurai wields. A longbow, grappling hook to get access to high places in buildings and a horse which will make your travel easier and faster through the region.

In previous major open-world titles like Witcher series, their foundations did not only rest on the excellent gameplay mechanics, they had deep and well-made stories adding further to the immersive experience almost symbolic of each game. And the Sucker Punch studio made sure to bring you the best Samurai story to you ever. A story of sacrifice, betrayal, and hardships, share a resemblance with the movie Last Samurai which also fueled its fame. The situation is desperate, and the last samurai on the island has to fight against disastrous odds by relying not only on conventional samurai style but by adopting a lethal Ghost style to flip the odds. One man army coming face to face with massive Mongolian invasion will pique your inner warrior up and get your body ready for a battle of a lifetime.

Let us wait and hope that this game will live up to its hype and leave its mark as an emblematic open world behemoth of a game.