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Dust 2 is recreated in Fortnite

Dust 2 also known as de_dust2 in Counter-Strike 1.6, is probably the most iconic CS Map. It is packed with incredible slopes,...

Activision Blizzard withdraws all its games from Nvidia GeForce Now

Players who just signed up for Nvidia's latest game streaming service would find this news upsetting. Activision Blizzard out of nowhere has...

Hunt: Showdown latest DLC will contribute to Australian wildlife.

Crytek has joined other companies in contributing to Australian bushfire relief. The game has released a Fire Flight DLC for its top...

Humble Bundle will follow Regional Pricing for its bundles.

Humble Bundle has just announced that they are going to update all bundles prices. Previously, all prices were standard, following US dollars....

The Witcher 3 sales have increased by 554%

Witcher 3 playerbaseA few weeks ago, I wrote about Witcher games getting huge chunks of player base every day. The latest of...