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Half-Life: Alyx was much Scarier during development, Valve explains

Half-Life: Alyx was released this month and the game has revived VR. It had so much hype that Valve was unable to...

Epic Games Store announces a list of exclusives coming this year

Epic Games Store has two methods to gain superiority over its competitor Steam. The first method which has helped them get access...

CD Projekt Red has donated $1 million to Coronavirus Relief

Non-Health Related Companies making a contributionWe have seen everyone doing something that can help others in this Coronavirus Crisis....

List of Games that are free on PC for limited time

Well, a lot of games are being given away lately. Most of them are coming from Epic Games, who been giving free...

GameStop will close more than 300 Stores in 2020

End of GameStop?GameStop once the hub of all sorts of games and entertainment has been relatively going down. The company cannot stand...