Colorful was established in 1995. Colorful group(Hereinafter referred to as CFG)  was located in Shenzhen China. With 21 years of hard effort, CFG completed the three stages strategic transformation: Computer components agents, completed industrial chain enterprise and capital market integration industry, group.

CFG offers Graphics Cards, Motherboards, chassis, ATX power supplies, Mini PC, industrial control computer, Hi-fi players, and related products. CFG won an uncontested position by keeping their focus on strict quality standards and key technologies. Annual sales of Graphics Card from COLORFUL hit TOP1 in the market for fourteen-years. Currently, for every 4-pieces GPU purchased, you can find 1-piece COLORFUL GPU. For better services in different areas, CFG established Germany and the Korea branches.

Colorful has a wide range of SSDs. The SL300 SATA 3.0 comes in 4 variations having different storage sizes, starting from 60gb, 120gb, 128gb, and 160gb. Today, we will have a look at Colorful’s SL300 120gb SATA 3.0 SSD. This SSD has SATA 3.0 6gb/s interface with backward compatibility with SATA 3.0 3gb/s. SL300 uses SMI controller so we should expect a good performance by this drive. This SSD offers 400mb/s+ write speed and 500mb/s+ read speed. If you want to experience the super fast speeds of the SSDs but want to stay budget friendly then the SL300 might just be a good choice.

Main Features:

  • Write speed: 400mb/s+
  • Read speed: 500mb/s+
  • Controller: SMI
  • Interface: SATA 3.0
  • Volume: 120GB