Released on 29th September on PC and Xbox One, Cuphead is a game made by the devil himself. And the devil has a name, StudioMDHR Entertainment. 

Cuphead is a 2D indie game that is highly inspired by the cartoons of 1930 when it comes to audio or visual. The visuals of the game look like watercolor animations all done by hands whereas the background music and special effect audio give the presentation of a perfect 1930s cartoon. The main character of the game is a guy who's head looks like a cup, hence the name, cuphead. And he shots bullets from his finger (weird right?).

The Game is mostly based on boss battles where you have to learn the patterns of the boss attacks and counter accordingly. But even learning the patterns of the bosses will make you scratch your head as some of the combination just seems unfair in the game. Cuphead can be said as one of the most difficult 2D game out there which will surely increase your blood pressure. 

Even though the game is frustrating, you will still enjoy the cartoony animation as there are tons of details to each element present on the screen and the game never gets boring with the different gameplay style of each level.

And one of the best features of the game is that it features local 2-player co-op so you can scratch your head along with one of your friend. So far the game is racking a plethora of good reviews with "overwhelmingly positive" stats on steam.

Get cuphead on steam for only $19.99.