Division 2 has now become the latest game to offer skins to Twitch Prime Subscribers. Those of you who have Division 2 can now claim skins using Twitch Prime. Anyone who pays for the Twitch Prime subscription can claim up to four different loot drops.

All you have to do is link your Uplay account to twitch account, and you will be able to claim the first drop. The first drop features cosmetics for Washington Spears Sports team which includes a jacket, cap, shorts, and baseball catcher’s mask. Moreover, the other three drops will be “coming soon” according to Twitch Prime main page. By subscribing to twitch prime, you can watch streams without viewing adds, one channel subscription to use every month, and in-game skins and loot.

This deal for The Division 2’s loot will end on October 24, 2019. However, additional loot drops will be released on July 23, August 22 and September 24, 2019.

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