After ten long years, Devil May Cry 5 has been finally released, and everyone is more excited than ever. The legendary protagonists from the previous installments of the series Dante and Nero return along with a new character called V. V hires Dante to assist him in solving the series of attacks that have been made by the demons. Nero replaces his “Devil Bringer” arm that has been stolen with a “Devil Breaker” arm.

Now, with the introduction aside let’s go down to the statistics. Upon release Resident Evil 2 had 74,000 players within 24 hours, and Devil May Cry 5 exceeded those numbers and came out on top with 88,000 players in 24 hours.

Fans are loving Devil May Cry 5 as they have rated it 9/10 on Steam with overwhelmingly positive reviews. If you are a fan of the previous DMC games and have 60$ to spare on DMC 5 then you should get it. If not then you should probably wait for a sale.

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