Capcom has been putting a lot of work in Street Fighter V after its initial release by updating it and even giving an Arcade Edition. Moreover, Capcom has announced that three more characters are coming to Street Fighter V in August. 

Apparently, someone at Capcom got a bit too excited about the upcoming character that released the trailer of characters early. The legend of Street Fighter, E. Honda is coming to Street Fighter V alongside with two more characters which are Lucia and Poison. Yes, you read it right, E. Honda is coming to Street Fighter V. Poison described as “leading lashing lady [that] has a whip that won’t quit and enjoys serving her Poison Cocktail, a Molotov-inspired V-Trigger that literally blazes through her opponent’s health.” Lucia Morgan is described as “a detective for the Metro City Police Department who first appeared in Final Fight 3.” However, E. Honda finally made his appearance in Street Fighter V. The sumo wrestler is described to be “fair but hard-headed. Honda’s trademark Sumo Headbutt becomes much more devastating when his potent V-Trigger is activated.” 

You will be able to buy these characters individually on August 4. However, you can get them all in the Summer 2019 Character Bundle on August 5. Moreover, click here, if you want to watch the trailer for these characters.

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