Primarily spotted by folks at Digitaltrends, there’s hot news all over the internet that Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti graphics card are dying already, with the sheer amount of reports of dead and dying cards from early purchasers. Some say that the cards are showing signs of artifacts (Which is very frustrating when you’ve spent $1000 on a GPU) and several reports of the instability of the 2080 Ti right after being installed.

A lot of threads have been rising on the Nvidia’s forums about dead and malfunctioning RTX 2080Ti cards for weeks now, with nearly every thread over many pages with hundreds of comments highlighting and crashes, black screens, blue screen of death issues, artifacts, and cards that fail to work wholly.

Reddit threads with a similar description have been rising as well, allocating the RMA process that many users are now going through. Severely still, some users who have been allotted a replacement card by Nvidia have then been required to return that one, too, implying that in some cases at least, the problem users are suffering is not solved by simply giving them a new graphics card. That could indicate at some sort of architectural deficiency.

The problems seem to be harming those with Founders Edition versions of the 2080 Ti the utmost, though some users with third-party cards from Gigabyte and Asus have also reached with failures and problems of their new GPUs.

It is worth perceiving that failure amounts may be skewed by the fact that people who aren’t suffering problems are dubious to report back with the related application. However, the similar issues that resemble to be rising for such large numbers of 2080 Ti owners are cause for concern.