Fortnite has added a ton of new gameplay elements including a new kind of grenade. Fortnite keeps adding more and more entertaining content in updates.

The latest update v9.3 brings a disastrous new item Air Strike, which can be used to destroy enemies without facing them. When you throw the new grenade, it will exert a red smoke which goes up in the sky. Twenty missiles will spawn just above the smoke and hit random places within nine meters of the grenade. So, if you ever see a red smoke above you, you need to get out of that area as soon as you can because If a missile hits you, then you will lose 75 health. Moreover, buildings will take 200 damage from the missile. Click here, if you want to see how destructive this grenade is. You can also read the full patch notes of update v9.3 below : 

  • Airstrike
  • A thrown canister of colored smoke that calls in a flurry of missiles from above.
  • Once the canister comes to rest, missiles will spawn after a short delay.
  • Missiles spawn about 120 meters above the smoke canister.
  • Missiles aim for random points within a 9 meters radius of the thrown object.  
  • A total of 20 missiles are spawned.
  • Each missile has an explosion radius of 3.5 meters.
  • Each missile deals 75 damage to players and 200 damage to structures.
  • Can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops, Vending Machines, and Llamas.
  • Drops in stacks of 1.
  • Max stack size of 2.
  • Legendary variant.

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