The FSP Hyper K is a budget-friendly series from FSP ranging from 500W to 700W and is also 230v EU 80+ Rated. Which means you’re getting about 82-85% efficiency from this PSU on typical load. The one we tested today was the 700W which is priced at around 6600 PKR at With this PSU, you can easily run a system with i7 8700K and a GTX 1080 or 2x mid-tier GPUs along with other storage and RGB stuff. But if you’re running a system like ours as mentioned in the test rig, you’d be better off with the Hyper K 500W PSU that will only set you back 4700 PKR.

The only downside I found with this PSU was purely aesthetic. I mean it doesn’t have sleeved cables other than the 24 pin ATX cable. So you will be witnessing the yellow/red individual cables which somewhat gets hidden with the sleeves. And neither is this a semi-modular PSU. But if you are looking for a semi-modular PSU in this price range, you’ll have to decrease the maximum PSU wattage. The only competitor that we see for this PSU in our market is currently the Thermaltake Smart RGB 700 PSU that we also reviewed a while ago, which features sleeved cables and an RGB fan. Both of which are missing on the FSP Hyper K at the same price. So the price point could have been a little bit better, but it still makes for a very good and budget-friendly PSU series in it’s bracket. Especially when you look at the 500W market.

The Hyper K series also comes with Over Voltage, Over Current and Short Circuit protection and it comes with a 1-year warranty. Considering our electricity’s game of hide n’ seek, these features make it a very good selling point as well.

So in the end, we would like to rate the FSP Hyper K 700W PSU 9/10 and give it our Bang For Buck award! If you’d like to buy this PSU, visit