A news from Beijing says that Chinese telecom giant Huawei said it has obtained 46 commercial 5G contracts so far in 30 different countries and have shipped more than one lac 5G stations globally, emerging as number one player in the race for setting up the super-fast and most efficient telecommunications system despite the US ban on use of its 5G services.

It seems like Huawei is proving that it will not let its users down, so they are still working on 5G as we all know their current shares are down because of bans. The Shenzen-headquatered firm, which was under intense pressure after the United States issued the ban warning that Huawei system could be controlled by Beijing to spy on other countries and thus disrupt critical communication. They made this announcement on last Thursday in press statement.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Information Technology have granted commercial licenses for 5G usage to four state owned telecom giant companies so that they start working on 5G services, and signaling. China’s determination to be the global leader in setting up super-fast wireless networks is unparalleled.

China’s ministries have issued licenses to China Broadcasting Network (CBN) and the China’s top three telecom operators – China telecom (TC), China Mobile(CM) and China Unicom(CU). Company says they were well prepared for China’s 5G commercial use. In February 2018, China made the world’s first 5G call and launched the first 5G terminal device.

Huawei gets caught in the intensifying trade war between China and the World Power after Donald Trump (President of United States of America) imposed taxes of USD 200 billion on Chinese goods, bringing Beijing to hike duties of USD 60 billion in American products. The dispute has already accelerated into a tech war with United States urging nations not to support China’s telecommunication companies in the race of 5G networks.

The concerns have also accelerated about this issue as Huawei has risen to become the world’s largest IT power in telecommunication networking equipment and one of the top smartphone manufacturers, alongside Samsung. However, the details of the countries where the company has managed to obtain the contracts have not been revealed yet but it will soon be revealed.

5G is to be the next generation cellular technology with the download and upload speeds stated to be 10 or may be 100 times faster than the current 4G LTE networks. Apart from the faster data download and upload speeds, 5G technology also promises wider coverage and more stable connections for its users. The 5G technology will also establish a platform which will be high-speed, mobile, safe and new-generation information infrastructure.

Some countries like Australia and New Zealand, have blocked Huawei from supplying equipment for 5G telecommunication networks. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin says that blacklisting Huawei and taking action against western countries by United States is an attempt to push Huawei out from the global market of telecommunication networks. He also forecasted about a future technological war, that may start.

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