Leading to the big iPad Pro and Mac event, Apple just announced that iOS 12.1 will be available tomorrow. It’ll be the very first major update to iOS 12 and includes the Group FaceTime feature that was eliminated from the initial release.

iOS 12.1 also supplements dual-SIM support for iPhone XS and XR, so you’ll be ready to have two lines working on the same phone.

Apple didn’t mention this in its press release, but the company previously confirmed to some of the news reporters that iOS 12.1 should retaliate the “beautygate” problem on the iPhone XS and XR. Subsequently, after the XS launched, users started complaining about what they distinguished to be skin softening in their selfie photos. Apple has after explained that it’s really a bug and is occurring because the camera takes the incorrect shot as the primitive “smart HDR” frame.

Talking about the camera, iOS 12.1 will enable users with an iPhone that carries portrait mode to alter the depth of field/bokeh in the live preview of a shot.

And ultimately, as customary, Apple is adding a slew of new emoji in the update. The new emoji will also arrive in watchOS and macOS by software updates on those platforms.

With iOS 12, Apple put a huge importance on performance improvements and speeding things up beyond supported iPhones and iPads. The announcement has been well received by users, and iOS 12.1 looks to advance upon that with multi-person video chats, the versatility of dual SIM, and fixed selfies on its latest smartphones.

Stay tuned for more updates!