Patriot is a company based in California, USA. They have been in the PC hardware business since 1985 but they might not grab the name of beasts like Steelseries, Logitech, and Razer, they are planning to develop their piece of the pie with their own special touch.

In the past, Patriot has been well-known when it comes to memory and flash products, but now we’re seeing more brands taking interest in producing gaming peripherals as well just like patriot did. That being said, there isn’t much about this latest addition in the range of mice from Patriot the “Viper V570”.

As mice hold a great position in PC gaming, it’s great to see more brands taking interest in gaming peripherals.

We have previously reviewed ROG Pugio Gaming Mouse, Gladius II, and Impact from Asus, out of all three mice the Gladius II stood out due to its amazing shape and great customizability, winning the recommended award from our reviewers. Let’s see if the “Patriot Viper V570” has the potential to score any of our awards.

I got a chance to review Viper V570 RGB, an average mouse by the first looks of it and when it comes to the build quality the mouse didn’t impress me at all. A handful amount of buttons for those who feel two extra buttons just don’t cover needs of today’s gamers. Probably the best thing about this particular mouse is the RGB madness, with not just one or two but four RGB lighting zones integrated into the mouse, all of which can be programmed and customized over various profiles.

With the 39$ Amazon price-tag, The Viper V570 could become our new award-winning contender, Let’s dig into that more.


Weight: 5.61 oz without wire
Tracking: optical
Dimensions: L5.2 inch W3.1 inch H1.7 inch
Resolutions: 12000 dpi
Operating System: Apple MacOS X or later, Windows 10 or later
Connector Type: USB type A (4 pins)