PUBG short for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has been out for two years, and the player base is still massive. PUBG is a battle royale that was developed by Bluehole, and if you didn’t know about PUBG, you must be living under a rock. Nonetheless, today’s topic is whether PUBG will ever reach the same eSports height as other competitive game such as Overwatch, CS:GO, League of Legends and DOTA 2. So, let’s get right into this.

Player base:
PUBG player count

Even though the player base of PUBG is humongous which consists of 780,000 daily players on Steam alone, players still doubt the eSports scene. You may ask the question why is that? Well, we will answer that along the way.


As you all know, PUBG’s players’ count is insane, and it is the best selling PC game, selling over 50 million copies worldwide. However, the eSports scene is almost nonexistent because it isn’t getting enough push from sponsors and the developers themselves. Many players say that the game is not ready for eSports yet because at times it can have game breaking bugs.

pubg views

If you have watched some PUBG tournaments, you can tell that it struggles to pull views even though the game is very popular. This raises another question which is, why doesn’t the tournament get views if the player base is so big? Well, Sponsors like HyperX, DxRacer, Nvidia, are available but the support from PUBG Corporation itself is horrible. They don’t promote the tournaments with in-game items and banners etc. Though they did with PGI, and it worked, but it isn’t working anymore.

Moreover, National PUBG League also known as NPL hosted a big tournament two months ago and the views it was pulling were horrible. Only 2500 fans were watching, and that isn’t a good sign for sponsors and eSports scene itself. There have been a few exceptions where the views were great such as PGI (PUBG Global Invitational).


Big companies sponsor tournaments in hopes of getting advertisement, and since PUBG struggles to pull views, there aren’t many sponsors. One of the many reasons that PUBG is not massive in the eSports scene is because of sponsors. Everybody knows that CS:GO, Overwatch, LOL and DOTA 2 have many tournaments per year and for a game to be a success in eSports it must have a presence in the gaming community.


We have all come across a bug in PUBG which ends up costing us the game. But, the developers are doing an excellent work of fixing many of the game breaking bugs. However, fans are still continually complaining about the bugs and say that the game is not ready for eSports in general.


PUBG’s eSports scene at this moment is getting progressively worse as sponsors are walking out on tournaments and the lack of advertisement for the tournaments itself. The matches are long and aren’t fun to watch in the first few circles, the breaks in between are massive which gets tiring over time, especially in PUBG Europe League ( PEL). Also, organizations who have signed pro players are burning money at this point, which might end up in the teams getting disbanded.

The solution to this would be if PUBG Corporation got involved in the scene and tournaments got more levels of exposure. Ask yourself when was the last time you heard that a particular PUBG tournament was taking place? So, overall everyone involved should step up and take notes from other games which are massive in the eSports scene.

As a further matter in comparison, CSGO and Dota 2 are miles ahead in eSports, but we can somewhat compare Rainbow Six Siege to PUBG. Sadly, PUBG still lacks behind even in the smallest details such as subreddits. R6S’ subreddit has 26,000 members and is active whereas PUBG’s subreddit has only 6,600 members and is somewhat active. Overall, PUBG’s Competitive scene is terrible even in the slightest factors, but tournaments like PEL/NPL/PGI/FACEIT Global Summit keeps on bringing hope.

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