R6S Holiday Pack

Ubisoft is giving out players on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC a Holiday pack. The Holiday Pack includes a DLC operator, and if a player has all the operators unlocked, they can convert the pack into 25,000 renown. However, converting the pack to 25,000 renown seems to be bugged right now, but Ubisoft is working on it.

To get the pack, you need to log in to your account before 1st January and open the pack. Some players have even speculated that the pack contains the new DLC operators Nomad and Kaid. Ubisoft has been very generous this year because first the game went on a huge sale and now they are giving out free presents. This move will welcome in new players so overall a smart move from Ubisoft.

You can watch the Holiday Pack opening from Master Sarge below.

The game is still on sale and is offering seventy percent off, head over to Steam or Ubisoft to buy.

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