In 2019, where there are great developments, innovation and technological advancement are taking place in gaming industries, Sony seems to be creating a great revolution among console gaming platform. You might be thinking about what do I mean by Sony’s Pandora Box! Well, there is a wildfire nowadays that Sony is going to launch a new, hardcore and state of the art architecture console soon.

“What will it be? When will it be launched? What will be the specs? Is it something different from PS4 Slim & Pro? Will it be compatible to run PS4 games as well?…….” So many questions are arising these days but still collectively its like a Pandora Box indeed.

Somehow, few of these booms and slumps of queries has been expected yet. Mark Cerny the key architect of the next-gen console, has revealed many things which has created a hype among console maniacs. Let have a look!


What will be the specs?

Briefly, a personalized AMD chipset build on third generation Ryzen architecture having 8-core, with a graphics mechanism of Radeon Navi GPU family; a new architecture SSD storage system that will accelerate the transfer rate from 15 seconds to less than one second. However, this upsurge will also depend upon player movement.; 3D audio-which is according to Cerny, “Thanks to a new audio engine that will deliver immersive sound – particularly if you’re using headphones. Sounds like Dolby Atmos format to me; backwards compatibility with PS4 games and PSVR hardware which is pretty much confirmed in accordance to a recently-revealed information, that the PlayStation 5 may be proficient of rivaling the PlayStation 4, PS3, PS2 and original PlayStation. During the interview, Mark Cerny’s has now declare that PS4 and existing PSVR titles will work across generations with new 8K TV support.

What will it be?

Collectively, the name of this Pandora Box is still unrevealed. Some people used to call it PS5 or PlayStation 5, In short, the name and look of the console is till a secret but so far so good, it is still at highest peak as its GPU unlocks the powers of rendering technique, an advanced lighting technique that can bring next-level entanglement to gaming graphics.

When will it going to be launched?

So far as the rumors were that its going to be launched in 2019 were false as Cerny has not confirmed any official releasing date. However, some analyst has oozed that its going to be launched in 2020 or 2021.Again kind of marketing strategy for people to increase their expectations to their peak.

So far so good, we have some mysteries to be resolved but frankly in past years, we have seen Sony’s developer creating competitive advantage and providing console gamers above their par expectations and We are all waiting for Sony’s Dragon Egg to be cracked or The Pandora Box to be opened. 

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