Spotify is one of the most demanding apps on the Apple Watch! and it looks like we’re finally getting very near to downloading the app on our personal Apple Watch and the people who have signed up for Spotify beta app have already started to gain access to the Apple Watch’s Spotify app. It only appears to have a playback control option momentarily but it would be without the required offline support that would allow the premium Spotify users to control the playback on Spotify and play it to your iPhone nearby.

Spotify on Apple Watch should have happened a long time ago. Spotify is working beside the unofficial Snowy’s app developer that produced an unofficial Spotify app for Apple Watch which brought offline Spotify’s music playback to the Watch. Andrew Chang, Snowy’s developer, also reported that Spotify hired him last year to make a companion app for WearOS using the iOS SDK.

So far, both Apple or Spotify haven’t said anything about the Spotify app coming to wearOS. It might be because Apple wants you to use the Apple Music app on the Watch.

Also, last year, four big apps for wearOS went missing on the Apple Watch, which was Google, Amazon, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Verge’s senior editor, Tom Warren, tweeted out the following video showing the Spotify app on the Apple Watch :

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