Recently, the World of Warcraft community was outraged by the login system. However, the issue in the login system was not a game fault but instead, it was caused by a DDoS attack. The Disturbing denial of the server(DDoS) caused a bug in the login system for North American players. The players faced terrible connectivity issues for many hours, thus the outrage.

However, the Blizzard Community manager gave his opinion on the matter and said that the suspect is finally arrested. He stated “Immediately after the Distributed Denial of Service attacks against our game service began, the Blizzard Security Team worked around the clock with local and international law enforcement agencies to track down the source of the DDoS,” the forum post by community manager Kaivax reads. “It is our understanding that, within a few days, authorities were able to successfully identify and arrest a suspect.”

Blizzard did not specify the suspect who was behind the DDoS attack. It has been rumored that the arrested suspect was “UkDrillas” from twitter. UkDrillas tweeted every 30 minutes before the attack. Afterward, the game was hacked and players couldn’t log in. Apart from this, UkDrillas account was very shortly deleted by Twitter. The suspect can face up to 8 years In prison for the DDoS attack.

In my opinion, Blizzard has taken a very positive step in arresting the hacker. This would set an example for many hackers in the near future, who would attempt a DDoS attack on any online game.