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Closer Look

The chassis is an aesthetic masterpiece, to say the least. It is a large and heavy casing as well weighing in at about 22KG before housing any components and can weigh of more than 28KG after a completed build. Thermaltake has stepped up its game and moved on from a traditional approach to building cases and gone with a more modern one. The tempered glass panels on each side are no ordinary glass panels, they are heat treated 5mm thick tempered glass panels of premium quality. The rest of the case that will be housing your valuable hardware has ABS plastic components with a solid steel frame to ensure maximum durability.


It’s obstinate to not instantly be boxed by this case’s size. It is big. VERY Big. Its dimensions are 24″ tall by 11″ wide by 23″ far. It is also heavy. The tempered glass panels on the front, both sides, and top sports 5mm thick sheets.

The bottom of the case sports an adequate dust filter for your bottom fans and the mounting looks well-built.

There are three drive mounting positions behind the motherboard panel. Each can carry either one 3.5″ hard drive or two 2.5″ hard or solid state drives. The detachable drive cages that can attach up front each have dual bays, and each bay is equipped to support one 3.5″ or 2.5″ drive. Therefore, the case can have a summit of 7x 3.5″ drives or 10x 2.5″ drives.

Thermaltake’s View 71 TG arrives with a perpendicular mount for a GPU. Utilizing a PCIe riser cable (you’ll have to buy it separately), you can install a graphics card behind the left glass panel right above the power supply. This mounting location shows off your GPU’s fan, which might please you if that component’s cooling shroud has LED lighting.

Thermaltake View 71 – 20


Cable management in such a big case is very comfortable; There are several places for cable tie-downs, and there is a whole inch of space on the left side behind the motherboard mounting tray.


Build quality is excellent. Installing the components, At no point did I confront any obnoxious wonders like sharp edges, misaligned or angled screw holes, or other common case manufacturing errors that can occur from poor quality control. Aside from mounting the motherboard and power supply, it’s a tool-free building experience.

Thermaltake View 71 – 25

However, There’s a big complain from my side which is the lack of a PSU shroud. A premium case like this shouldn’t lack the essentials of a basic case of 2018. If a PSU shroud was there, this case could win anyone’s heart instantly.


This case looks good because there is a lot of airflow space between the glass and the case itself, However, that could be a negative point as well for the people that live in a dusty area. A lot of dust can go through the space between the glass and the casing. But the airflow is really the focus here so in that aspect, the View 71 shines.

The spacious View 71 can outfit a tower air CPU cooler up to 190mm which should be more than enough for any type of cooler in the market. The airflow of the case was well-managed and top-notch in comparison with other full towers as well. The temperatures of our hardware remained cool and as a matter fact, I saw some of the temperatures exhibiting a better behavior when compared to our old case. So you’re all set here. View 71 TG Doesn’t have any airflow issue.

There is also an extensive space for any kind of water cooling needs of any kind of enthusiast: up to a 420mm radiator at the front, top, and on the right front side. (Note, however, that both the drive cage or the right front radiator can be installed; they won’t both fit concurrently.) The rear can support a 120mm or 240mm rad, and the bottom can hold both a 120mm or 360mm rad.

Also, one worth-mentioning aspect is that this case can even support the thickest custom water cooling radiator making it one of the best full tower case out there. A lot of full tower cases can’t support 60mm thick radiators but the View 71 does. Almost similar to a super-tower case.