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Thermaltake has recently stepped up its game in the chassis market and has been giving strong competition and has proven itself to be a worthy competitor.

As long as you won’t mind showcasing a decent sized PC case on your desk or table, this is one of the best, tempered glass cases, to go through our review lab. Despite the fact that the View 71 lacks a PSU shroud and has no adequate dust filter or dust control whatsoever. With a price tag of PKR 21,300 available at Shing Point, this casing is a great choice for enthusiasts that are looking for a see-through casing in this price range.

Thermaltake has made sure that they do not compromise on the durability aspect of the casing since enthusiasts will be looking forward to house expensive components in the View 71 TG. Being a full tower and boasting the Tt LCS badge it gives its purchaser the peace of mind that this case will last for many upgrades to come even if it means going for a custom loop build for this particular build or one in the coming future. Thermaltake’s View 71 TG is arguably one of the best looking chassis out there in the market which any enthusiast would love to own.



I am going to award the┬áThermaltake View 71 TG, with our Editor’s choice award because this case satisfies all of his needs from, the adequate amount of airflow to the great compatibility of almost any component, topped-off with the vertical GPU mount. And the glass panels are the icing on the cake.