Now that the latest and greatest Apple products can be wirelessly charged, there’s really no excuse for not taking advantage of wireless charging technology. Whether your goal is to power-up faster or eliminate desk clutter, wireless charging pads are doubtlessly the way to go.

But not all charging pads are created equal. This AirZeus 3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charging Pad offers unparalleled style and convenience, and it’s currently available for over 50 percent off at just $38. And with the FIRST TIME BUYER VOUCHER CODE, YOU DROP ANOTHER 10% making it to $34 only.

This minimalist charging pad allows you to charge your smartphone, smartwatch and earbuds at the same time without having to worry about wires.

Airzeus 3053 airpower clone packaging down cover outlined

You’ll be able to power-up all of your devices quickly thanks to fast-charging technology, and the pad itself is small enough to fit comfortably on your nightstand or desk.

You’ll even be able to take it with you on the go since it only weighs just over six ounces.

Embrace the wireless charging revolution with this AirZeus 3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charging Pad for just $34—over 50 percent off its usual price for a limited time.

All specs and performance aside, now you can charge your smartphone, smartwatch and earbuds simultaneously.

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