Ignore archived chats: 

Recently, WhatsApp used to unarchive chats when a new idea popped up in the archived chat. Ignore that archived chats feature changes by keeping the archived messages archived even if some user receives a new message in its chat. This feature is still under development and processing and this feature should be available in the later versions of WhatsApp Beta for Android Operating System.

No frequently forwarded messages in groups: 

We know that WhatsApp is currently working on adding a frequently forwarded messages feature that would inform if a message has been shared over several times. No doubt it is a great feature. WhatsApp is bringing a slightly modified version of this feature to its own group feature. Soon group admins would be able to have an authority, if they want their group members to share frequently forwarded messages in their groups or not. This feature is currently available as a part of WhatsApp Beta for Android version 2.19.80.

From WABetaInfo.com

New audio picker: 

Some time earlier, WhatsApp users could share a single audio file at a particular time. The new audio picker tool in Whatsapp Beta changes that by allowing users to share a maximum 30 audio files in a single go. Moreover, Whatsapp Beta also allows users to preview the audio file before sharing it. This feature is also available in Beta version 2.19.89 of WhatsApp’s Android app.

Dark mode:

 One of the most amazing features of WhatsApp is its upcoming dark mode. The company is redesigning various sections of the application like the status bar, the settings menu and the profile, in dark mode. This is happening in various stages of Whatsapp Beta with the latest updates being available in the version 2.19.82.

From digitalwebreview.com

Spam messages:

 This feature of Whatsapp Beta will help in determining the popularity of a message by showing a ‘frequently forwarded’ label on top of the message that has been shared over four times.

Picture-in-picture 2.0:

 For your information, another feature that is getting an upgrade is WhatsApp’s PIP mode. This feature will allow users to watch videos from other services such as using Facebook and watching YouTube within the application. PIP 2.0 will also allow users to watch videos in PIP mode even when the application is running in the background. This feature is available as a part of Beta version 2.19.86.

Authentication feature:

 This feature of upcoming Whatsapp version adds a later of security on WhatsApp by natively locking the application using the phone’s fingerprint sensor. Users can only select to lock the application immediately after closing it or pick a time – 1 minute, 10 minutes or 30 minutes – to lock it.

From fonearena.com

In-app Browser:

 This feature of Whatsapp Beta opens a web browser within the application when a WhatsApp user tries to open some link. This feature also also alerts a user when it detects that a link is not safe to be used or contains malicious or unsafe content. This feature will be available as a part of WhatsApp Beta for Andriod version 2.19.74.

Search image feature:

 This feature of Whatsapp Beta allows users to search an image on the web that they received in a chat, which in turn helps the user in understanding if the image that they have received is fake or not. This feature is still in development process.

It is worth noting that while most of these features will be available in WhatsApp’s Beta application, some of them are still under development process and there is no timeline as to when these features would be available in WhatsApp’s main application.

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